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            Providing a Total Solution for all your X-Ray System needs

            NDT 1417MA
            14×17-inch NDT Flat Panel Detector
            NDT 1417MA is a 14×17-inch wireless and portable amorphous silicon flat panel detector. The detector features a compact and industrially rugged design, which provides high radiation resistance, wide environmental capabilities, and overall high reliability. Data and signal communication is achieved either via a wired or a wireless interface. The iRay software SDK provides support for detector calibration, configuration, image acquisition, pre-processing and viewing on an end-user tablet or workstation running the MS Windows operating system. With its exceptional image quality and reliability, the NDT 1417MA is an excellent choice for portable field inspection applications or IED/EOD based security scenarios.
              • Proven radiation hard a-Si sensor technology
              • 35×43 cm² imaging area
              • Best-in-class 100 μm pixel pitch
              • Up to 180 sec. X-ray exposure window
              • Robust wired and 5G wireless data interface
              • Thin and lightweight design
              • More than 6 hours battery capacity
            Technical Specifications